“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…” — Apostle Paul

The Sunday Morning Hospitality Team has several responsibilities. Our goal is to be able to meet all people that comes through our doors on a Sunday morning and make them feel welcomed, as well as meeting any needs they may have.
Our Sunday Morning Hospitality Team positions include:
Hosts/Hostess — Serves as the “welcome center” for members and guests. Hosts/hostesses are waiting to answer any questions or help meet any needs that may arise with members or guests. Host/hostess fulfill a special ministry of welcoming guests and regular attendees on Sunday mornings. They represent the attitude and image of Oasis Church. Hosts/hostess make a personal impact of hospitality, kindness and warm friendliness for every person who enters our church. They also distribute
handouts on Sunday mornings and are always on the look out for new guests
who look confused about the location of children’s activities, rest rooms, etc.
Ushers — The Ushers are considered the “Guards of God’s House,” and serve to
maintain order, security, peace, and guidance in the Sunday morning service.
Ushers maintain alertness over the congregation on a Sunday morning in order
to anticipate any needs and prevent disruptions. Ushers facilitate the physical
operation of the church, so Sunday mornings can run in an orderly manner
and without distractions.
General Ministries
Oasis Care Team:
The Oasis Care Team members are committed to caring for the members of Oasis
and others by their continual support during times of crisis, sickness, as well as in
times of joy and celebration such as the birth of a new baby by offering meal
delivery, phone calls, written cards or emails and hospital visitation. The Oasis
Care Team also sponsors various appreciation and social events for members of
the church.
Oasis Prayer Team:
The Oasis Prayer Team are committed to standing in prayer for the continual prayer needs of Oasis and all those who request prayers from the team on their behalf.